Our Commitment to You

We believe in engaging individuals and providing experiences that build valuable relationships rather than bombarding consumers with unwanted and ineffective messages. We embrace and integrate online, traditional and emerging advertising channels to achieve maximum results for our clients.

In today’s world, we build relationships with individuals, on their terms. To make a lasting consumer relationship, we motivate individuals to take an action and provide them with a memorable experience. Most importantly, what gets measured gets managed. We believe your online marketing efforts should be accountable and drive measurable business results. Your marketing efforts should generate new sales from new clients or increase sales from existing clients; at a profit.

Continuous improvement is the key to maximizing results. We believe you will achieve superior results first by committing to your brand, and then by measuring how closely and consistently your outcomes match your intentions. You will only maximize your results by making a real commitment. Regular, meaningful and actionable feedback is the key to optimizing your online marketing efforts.

Our Value to Your Company

Strategies & Consultation – Plans & Direction

As the source of what it effective on Social, Online, and Traditionally within any given demographic those insights are provided to those who engage with MMG.

Training & Support – Do-It-Yourselfers

Spotlighting what every business, large or small, needs to have in place to experience success in their brand building, revenue growing efforts. MMG uses the right tools and networks to assist each owner in that cause.

Full Service Implementation – Client Experience

Our clients hire us to undertake their Integrated Marketing Acquisition System and it’s social and online properties. MMG’s focus is on delivering result that benefit our client’s bottom line.

DC Jones
DC JonesHead of Connections
“Getting the right message of the right product/service to the right people at the right time is what it’s all about, and yes it’s what I do.”

Our Founder

The Sweet Spot

You know it when you experience it. That moment, circumstance or point of a project that everything aligns up just right and everything is crystal clear, smooth sailing, and better than you expected to receive at all. That Sweet Spot is what I personally and professionally pursue each and everyday. For those who are in my personal world, getting to them all they are in need of, want for, or desire after. And for those on the professional order of things I do the same plus continually strive to:

  • Provide the positive experience that can’t helped to be bragged about

  • Creating additional points of champions for what my company does

  • Connecting those I come in contact with what they desire most with our interactions.

Personal Philosophy

Capitalizing on over a decade bringing client companies the successes they were looking for, I have focused on getting great products and services to the market with innovative strategies for new brands and strengthening existing ones. Besides the deep satisfaction for a job well done, we are looking to pull businesses into the 21 Century with proven digital strategies, methods and tactics that better connect them to their buying public.

Doing what’s right is always the best policy and fortunately, it always the right move to do in Marketing.


The Work Process

Because each client is unique, projects have varied from the simplest of direct mailers to full blown multi-million dollar Marketing Campaigns. You must always keep one thing in mind… Who is my customer? When all your questions, center around your public who will BUY what you have to offer, and getting them the answers, products and services they are wanting (more often the better) the higher probability your success will be.

We build each strategy with knowing as intimately as possible your target audience, looking to anticipate their wants, desires, objections, and hesitations even before they know they have them. What you want as a business, is a Marketing Firm to know exactly who your clientele is, and should be.


Our Latest Work