Traditional Marketing

FULL INTEGRATION of the better known methods of advertising and public relations; with all their tangents i.e. billboards, radio spots, newspapers article placement, etc. are also needed for Online Success.

How so? Depending upon the Customer Profile it can take quite a few sources to effectively expose your company’s wares to those you want to buy. Specialized and locality driven services or products benefit the most from this integration.

Traditional Methods

Although the market penetration isn’t was great as it once was, when you correctly and succinctly utilize those Marketing Methods under the “Traditional” umbrella you can further the positive buzz you are looking to create. Your online efforts can be enhanced with the right mixture of what your brand places on the traditional marketing channels.

Be Inclusive

Some of what had been commonplace are no longer being offered or used (Yellow Pages anyone?) but for those things that are still in the public forum, i.e. magazines, trade periodicals, mailers, freeway banners,  all can get out the top-of-the-mind awareness that you are desiring. You just have to know what your ideal client wants to see from you and expects to find you. Even those pesky direct mailers that would have seemed ancient and ineffective with an electronic crowd are finding their way back into the Marketing Mix, because of their uniqueness instead of their commonplace so long ago.

Multiple Touchpoints

Now more than ever, a company needs to have multiple touchpoints with its potential clientele. That means both online and offline. When you employ traditional marketing methods you increase the capacity of those essential touchpoints. Give those who are going to keep your doors open, every possibility to come in contact with you. Be looking at not only the large-size items, but also those a little smaller, such as car wraps, door magnets, stickers, and the pens and key chains that you can get from your promotional printer.

Effective & Efficient

The mind of every business owner and corporate executive might wonder why when someone brings up “Traditional Marketing”. Their preconceived notions and previous experience may cause a block in using what may be newly effective with the potential customer. What these traditional means can accomplish for any organization is the ability to be more frequently involved in the life cycle of a customer’s buying decision. And for the younger set, this form of sales collateral may be something that they have never seen before.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… Here’s what others are saying:

“The process of getting a fully fledged Marketing Plan together for our eventual national launch from the very beginning with several players in the mix can seem like herding cats, but we got it done within our budgetary constraints and encompassing all that can be done to accomplish our revenues goals. Thanks for lending your Marketing experience to getting us going in the right direction. From California, I look forward to working with you bringing the plan into reality!”

Ernestine C, ECrews Enterprises

“I know I needed to revamp my branding and had been looking for someone to do that. I’m glad I was able to find you! Not only did we refresh our logo but we developed a fantastic customer generated referral system made up of showcasing the finished work with a welcomed BBQ Open House. I already have seen 4 new referrals from the first open house we held.”

Robert M, R & A Builders

“We are going to conquer the world! And we have you to thank  for it! We needed a “blueprint” on how we can roll out our products, coaching systems and build a tribe that move mountains in their own circles of influence. It only took 2 meetings and we had a multi-million dollar Marketing Plan that we can now take to each city we choose and implement it. Versatile and impactful, that is what we wanted, and that is what you delivered. Thank you!”

Bonnie T, Soul Purpose

“We have been successful with our sales force in getting internet building tools to those who come to our landing pages. But when we discussed on setting up a course to doing business on EBay with the books and tutorials and the upsell to the coaches we saw the additional income stream our company was looking for. The development of the series, the leads generation funnel and all the collateral that it required, and the training materials for our coaches was spot on. Just wanted to thank you and look forward to doing business with your company once again.”

Joseph W., Internet Power Sellers

“We started out with a broken sales process and little or no income coming in. In no time at all, the Marketing Plan was flushed out and put into motion and started generating the interest our products and services deserved. Filling our sales pipeline and our revenue streams began to flow.”

Jack S., Tatt2Away

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