Harness the Growth Your Marketing is Generating for Your Company

If you are tired of losing your momentum with lost leads, revenues, profit-share, or market share in your service area, then, the software apps that MediaBus offers will solve each of those problems for your company in quick order.

MediaBus Marketing Has the Answers You’ve Been Looking For!

All-In-One Solution

The MediaBus Marketing Group's Hub Access contains all that you need or would ever want to use to maximize your impact on your audience, on your own online properties.

The Cost-Effective Marketing Components

Once you get your Lead Gen Machine up and running, it can consistently produce the potential sales to capture, schedule, and close. Your company can enjoy a flow of qualified leads ready to schedule and buy immediately by using our enterprise-grade technology.

Efficient Digital Products

Better monetize your company's brand by creating the seamless connection of digital apps. One-time and recurring events for multiple apps online.

Smooth Integration to Your Systems

We integrate your new CRM functionality with marketing automation, landing pages, appointment booking, email marketing, SMS marketing, and more into a single access platform for your company, eliminating the need for multiple separate tools & logins.

Cutting Edge Advantage

Create the larger system that makes your Lead Generation System hum along as you need it to. Get for your company and its employees the systems that work together.

Customized Workflows & Scalability

Gaining Exclusive Access and operating on an optimal automation set of systems you can stay on the innovative edge that you need to be as a leader in your industry in your service area. Build & run membership communities, courses, consults & payments at will.

The Entire System Your Company Needs

Gain the integrated systems that help your company grow with your audience, scale with your customers, and produce products and services that promote brand loyalty

You Could Spend $1000's Doing It All Yourself

OR you can gain for your expanding business the workflows, system integrations, tracking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities, and more, in one comprehensive series of apps with the expertise of MediaBus Marketing Group.

What the All-In-One Solution Contains…

Explore the key features designed to make your company operations for your thriving business:

Workflow Automations

Marketing automation & nurturing sequences across multiple outbound & inbound channels centered in one CRM with triggers, & preset follow-ups.

Monitoring & Analysis

Access to high-level analytics on campaigns & nurturing efforts, with insights into customer behavior for data-driven decisions to improve the company’s marketing efforts.

Social Calendar & Postings

Once your social content is created, you can place, schedule & view each post on the social platforms that have been connected to the app. You’ll have access to the likes of FB, IN, YT, LI,. PI & many others.

CRM & Pipeline Mgmt.

A centralized database for managing all your customer interactions. The brain of the system’s apps keeps track in one place all that you have gathered from your customers. Multiple-seat access is also available upon request.

And Yet There is MORE…

The Tools that Drive Profitability

MMG provides you with the full toolkit a company will need for its revenue generation efforts. It’s what the large conglomerates pay and develop for millions of dollars and you get it after it’s set up for one low monthly subscription.

Our software app combines advanced AI technologies with user-oriented interfaces to deliver the smooth operations each growing business needs to have at the ready.

Unlimited Sales Funnels

Landing Pages that are drag and drop so that you can keep fresh the product/service offerings to your target audience.

Email Marketing Client

One-time or ongoing email campaigns within the nurturing sequences of automation tracked within the connected CRM

2-Way Mobile SMS Texting

Additional Touchpoint with a high-response ratio for ongoing connections and up-to-date product/service offerings.

Appointments Scheduling

Give access to book your company directly with integrated built-in reminders to reduce no-shows & grow sales.

Sales Call Tracking

Customer tracking in the CRM for Calls, Emails, SMS, outbound & inbound with notes and workflows.

Set Up Costs Start at $750 & Only $99 a Month Afterwards

Build Your Results -MMG’s Apps REPLACE:

The ‘Other Guys’

What each individual, separate capability of the leading companies & their estimated costs per month

Full Website Presence

Regularly $150 Monthly

Coded Sales Funnels

$297 a Month Cost

Customer Relationship Management.

Regularly $99 a Month

Polls & Forms

$29 Monthly Subscription

Membership Courses

Regularly $99 Monthly

CC Payments

3.5% of Monthly Earnings

Sales Funnel Tracking

$49 a Month cost

Rep. Reviews Mgmt.

Costs $159 Monthly

Email Marketing

$49 a Month to Start

Mobile Texting

$197 a Month cost

Appointment Scheduler

Regularly $29 a Month

Workflow Sequencing

Costs $169 a Month

Backend Forums

Costing $89 a Month

Social Scheduler

Regularly $49 Monthly

Monitoring & Analysis

At least $299 a Month

Document Signing

$47 each Month

That’s $1800 Plus Your Ad Spend on Platforms, AND 3.5% on Sales Made 

We Can Help Save You $21,700 + a YEAR –


Rounding Out What You’d Receive from MMG –

  • Reputation Reviews Management – Automation of the Collecting Process from Customers

  • Membership Courses – Password Protected Portal for Online Instruction Courses

  • Credit Card Processing – Online and Invoicing Capabilities connected to CRM

  • Site Connected Forums – Community Building Threads for Interactions & Questions

  • Document Signing – For Invoicing, Contracts, & Agreements with Clientele

Previously Only the “Big Guys” could afford to have such a Comprehensive Integrated System…

Now even the smallest of business owners have access to the tools that can revolutionize their bottom line. Whether you are at the beginning, wet behind the ears so to speak, or you are a grizzled veteran of the Small Business trenches, you can have these put into place for your company to run smoothly –

We’ve Got Ya Covered!


Gain the Confidence in Your Company Systems with MMG

  • Drive Customers thru Your Sequencing Once Sold

  • Guide them thru Each Interaction with Your Company

  • Keep Them Coming Back & Referring Those They Know

MediaBus Marketing has figured out the way to be as effective as what the big boxes have at the very affordable small business costs – We’d love to show you how!

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