Conversion Metrics

HOW A SITE CONVERTS THEIR TRAFFIC or Conversion Metrics is centered on the key measurements from the first impression seen by those you target to the actual confirmation email of payment received are measurable, scalable, and can be improved upon continually with MediaBus Marketing Group’s guidance.

In the MMG process, after the Company Baselining we: clearly identify your ideal type of customers’ profile; gain the concise action from Campaign Planning; Incrementally Testing the response data and Conversion Metrics of the company’s campaigns. Doing so, is when you can truly harness the earning and profit potential your web site’s presence.

Measures & Gauges

Before those you target reach your site, you can gain the metrics of how your Ad formats are performing and which adjustments nee to be made. Quantity being a major metric at this point.

When they do find you through the various Online Marketing strategies, the experience they receive on the site is crucial. The visit to follow through towards your Call to Action is one of the main focuses in this stage.

To properly capture the Return on your Investment, the post connection is as important. Measurement of the continual touch points of interaction your customers (or prospective customers) have with you as you grow the value perception and loyalty factor with them is also a must.

At MMG our focus is on delivering results that benefit your bottom line. Not only getting to your brand the Lead Generation System, but to optimize it all along the purchase process. Contact us now to begin.

Strategies & Consultation – Plans & Direction

Providing the reporting that gains the clear progress of the Strategies and Action Items in the Integrated Marketing Plan to your Executive Team.


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