Incremental Testing

IS ALL AROUND US. For companies to do these small experiments is crucial in maximizing the money you’re spending on Marketing Online. To fail to do this will be an exercise in futility and result in frustration, lost revenues and wasted time. Remember, everything online can be measured and tested for effectiveness and efficiency.

In the MMG process, after the Company Baselining we: clearly identify your ideal type of customers’ profile; gain the concise action from Campaign Planning; Incrementally Testing the response data and Conversion Metrics of the company’s campaigns. Doing so, is when you can truly harness the earning and profit potential your web site’s presence.

How’s It Done?

The idea is conceptually simple: conduct a small experiment, isolating as many variable as possible, to see what works and what does not in your Online Campaign Execution.

  • Pilot Test campaigns relative to your company’s baseline.
  • Driving demand, conversion and profit ratio percentages higher and higher
  • Time of testing and results relatively shorter online than in other mediums
By far, to gather your customers’ data, behavioral trends, frequency in buying, loyalty to your brand etc. can be enlightening to how you market your company’s product / services / information. Utilizing both the back end data (from analytical software) and proactive info gathering (surveys, questionnaires) can heighten that loyalty and market share the company wants to attain.

Once you put into motion your Campaign Messaging you must have the perspective of the experts to know what your responding data is telling you, how you need to redirect (if at all) and how you can best harness the full potential of the campaigns. Contact MMG Today!

Strategies & Consultation – Plans & Direction

The procedures  to realizing the actuals that result in the initial placement of the Marketing Messages and Properties are needed to be gauged in the pursuit of success and excellence.


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