The Online PR Craft

A relatively new concept on the Web and changes continually with the new trends in online print and Social Media. One major difference between the traditional and the online versions of Public Relations is how personable it has become on the ‘Net.

No longer do you need to wait for the grumpy editor to place your press release in a local business section. All you do is set it into an RSS aggregator or service that specializes in press releases and according to the keywords it is shown to those looking for what you have placed online, worldwide. What can you gain with Online Public Relations?

Getting Out the Word

Sometimes business owners and corporations alike think of PR as this nebulous unknown that can be grouped in with billboards and flying airplane banners. But to handle your Public Relations correctly does take time, development of relationships (both online and off) and the upholding of the true essence of what is being communicated. Online you can gain for yourself the reputation you want by the rightful placement of what your company and brand are doing.

 With the right aggregators, and PR services, what you are placing out there can have a global reach. Especially those messages which capture the generally appealing humor or sentimental disposition of those being exposed to what you are saying.

  • Keyword Centric – delivered directly to those want to know.
  • Released worldwide with the viable chance to go viral.
  • Press Releases can be launched by copywriting or video forms.
 As much as we can have what we release go global (with the viral factor) we can also influence the local area as well. These items of information can be picked up through your local area networks and info portals (local online newspapers):

  • Target directly what your potential and current clientele want to see from your company.
  • Talk to them with the familiar tones, using their everyday phrasing and word usage.
Disseminating your messaging and the happenings within and outside your company is a great way to create good relations with those in the news making industries as well as making it known to those around you, looking to do business with your company, more aware of your directions and actions. Take advantage of the market share capturing potential that Online Public Relations has for your company! Learn how the recent rise of everything social can be utilized to brand, create loyalty and generate sales for your company.

These activities on the Public Relations Side of things are usually viewed as FREE of Charge. While most are, and given the right relationships with influencers, editors and new providers this can be a very cost effective strategy. But in the interest of creating the Positive Buzz you want and need for your brand, don’t let expense be a determining factor on which action you take here. The larger online PR services aren’t free, but more importantly they are effective in getting placement on the larger news networks out there. Craft your PR as you would a snow castle in late February – Quickly, with urgency, knowing that one wrong turn of your hand or the sun could be bringing it all back to square one.

Why Choose Us

  • We inspire emotional reactions to the source material; the heart truly leads the head when it comes to getting the word out to the public.
  • All the knowledge, wisdom and hands-on practical experience on making each Marketing Component work together in perfect harmony.
  • Actions that build Emotional Equity with your targeted public audience through properly worded and placed information.
  • Making the chaos manageable, the disjointed congruent, and the seemingly impossible happen for Brands and their executives.
  • Quick to see and anticipate consumer trends we can steer the messaging to how the clientele want to see and receive it in their lives.

What Client’s Say

Gaining traction with the online public relations strategies for our clients were one of the best ways to get out the word, thanks to your management, we were able to spread the word alot!
Kent, 10x Inc
With you working the articles, the RSS aggregators, and the angles of getting them placed, we were able to track the traffic increases over the course of 3 months in a 32% gain.
Ashton, WSC
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