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Don’t Pay Too Much for Your Business Leads

Nothing else can feel worse in business when you feel like you have wasted that preciously earned working capital on something that doesn’t pan out. (Maybe perhaps getting your nose hairs pulled could be comparable…) While that bad result still can happen, there are steps you can take to mitigate the chances of it happening as often OR at all.

When you are able to correctly identify the target audiences that would best be served by you AND be profitable to your bottom line, I have found is the best way to minimize marketing campaign ineffectiveness. You don’t have to wallow in low quality, low chance of conversion leads sources.

The more precise the better off your CTR percentages and Click-to-Acquisition ratios are going to be.

The Lead Straightout

When you are asked the right questions you can get in front of the right audience for your company. In the initial consult, there are a series of questions that need to be asked, & then answered by you so that we can get the right leads to you.

The Cost-Effective Method

For just the leads themselves which includes the names of the companies, their contact person of record, main email & phone number with their website URL along with their physical address if they have one – is what we can get to you.

Technically a cold lead is the most information for cost you can get in the industry. Go ahead and call the likes of InfoUSA & see how much they will charge for the same data. Per 250 concentrated leads will cost you $185.99 – That’s $0.75 per lead.

$124.99 is unbeatable in today’s world – Click Here to Get Started

A Little Jumpstart Can Help

At times a little helping hand can come in handy, at MMG, we certainly know that just a boost can get the ball rolling for the self-starters out there. Sometimes having someone with the proper knowledge gets you pointed in the right direction you can get running from that point.

The Leads plus the Set Up

Here’s an offer to not only get you the leads that you have asked for but also we can get you connected with the email client provider (similar to Mailchimp) that will initially not cost you a dime or a quarter (adjusted for inflation) to send out from.

This can be done for the additional cost of $97.99 per month above what the leads above will run you.

Begin Now by Clicking Here

Including the Creativity Side

After you set up the connection with the email client that you have chosen to use for your lead generation email campaign, there are a few additional steps that you need to take to bring the campaign to full bear –

The Email Sequencing

We all at one point or another have had writer's block, and when it comes to the best practices of email marketing campaigns, text based emails are the most effectively delivered. We can, as an additional offer to you, write the sequence of emails (between 5 to - sometimes more, other times less) that all you need to do is create the campaign in the email client, load the right number of lists of addresses & schedule out your campaign.

Creating & Designing the Content

Because the HTML and graphics can bog down the delivery of the emails that you send out, we concentrate on the copy to the direct persuasion of clicking on the Call to Action URL that will be included in the Email Sequences.

The creative copywriting will be designed to capture and lure those viewers to the anchors (website landing pages) that you already have for them to see. This can be done for you at an additional $129.99 per list/campaign.

For this Option Just $129.99 More per Campaign – Click Here

A Complete Email Lead Package

The Grand Main Entrée

If you are one of those individuals who know their strengths and weaknesses well enough, and know for a fact that to put this together would take a sizable portion of time to do, I have an offer that you cannot refuse! And this is a total positive for you, we promise!

Leads, Setup, Creatives, Scheduled

No one else knows better than us that as we are running our businesses in the first stages time gets away from us. And those things that need attention sometimes fall through the cracks. That is why, we are willing to offer you & your small business, all that was mentioned in this panel:

The Targeted List, the Writing & Sequencing of the Campaign, Along with the Setup, & Scheduling of the Email Marketing for a total of $424.99 per campaign wanted. That would be up & above the initial cost of the Leads List.

Get it done all by the expert who has seen it all – $424.99 Total

To Get the Momentum Going…

The Most Effort to Do So is at the Very Beginning

Get the rock rolling with the momentum that a properly positioned lead generation campaign can do for your company. Whether you are at the beginning, wet behind the ears so to speak, or you are a grizzled veteran of the Small Business trenches, the help for these lead-capturing campaigns is now at hand –

… You have the traffic, coming in, the main QUESTION now is; do you have in place those capabilities that can capture, gain, maintain, and retain those customers that are in this Lead Generation Funnel?

We’ve Got Ya Covered!


build your results-capturing money-making machine

We have each functionality needed that allows a company to guide its customers through its online sales cycle.

  • Drive interest to the site ready to capture

  • Guide them through the thorough buying process navigating to Calls to Action

  • Keep them coming back & referring those they know, building your community

A proper Lead Generation System has

The Following Tools & Component Combinations

Full Website Builder

Regularly $150 Monthly

Unlimited Sales Funnels

$297 a Month Cost

CRM & Pipeline Mgmt.

Regularly $99 a Month

Surveys & Forms

$29 Monthly Subscription

Membership Courses

Regularly $99 Monthly

Card Processing

3% of Monthly Earnings

Sales Call Tracking

$49 a Month cost

Reputation Reviews Mgmt.

Costs $159 Monthly

Email Marketing Client

$49 a Month to Start

2-Way Mobile SMS Texting

$197 a Month cost

Booking & Appointments

Regularly $29 a Month

Workflow Automations

Costs $169 a Month

Community Forums

Costing $89 a Month

Social Calendar & Postings

Regularly $49 Monthly

Monitoring & Analysis

At least $299 a Month

Document Signing

$47 each Month

Your Monthly Bill would be nearly $1700 Altogether! Or Over $20,000 a Year in expenses…


Not so with MediaBus Marketing Group!! You’ll Receive:

$750 One-time Set Up Fee and Just $99 a month afterwards

Find Out the Sweet Details Here & Get the Answers to Your Questions Below:

What’s the Catch? Why so cheap?2024-04-15T10:27:01-07:00

Simply put, there is no catch. We at MediaBus Marketing Group want to get you something of incredible value that once you are connected you never, ever, ever want to leave. The initial cost is being weighed against the longevity we have put into the program offering. That is why you are getting a bargain.

How Long Will You Offer This?2024-04-15T10:33:52-07:00

That is undetermined at the present time. Like everything out there, a time will come when capacity becomes full and it can no longer be offered with the same fervor as before. Currently, we do not have an end date in mind at this particular price point. But the setup fee would be subject to change at some point in the future, so it’s best to get in as soon as you can. However, the monthly subscription, $99 will not.

What Do I Get Exactly?2024-04-15T10:44:37-07:00

There are 5 items that can come with the Initial Setup offer here. They can be varied to what you, as a business, will need. Most often our clientele needs: Sales Funnels, CRM & Pipeline Mgmt., Email Marketing, Workflow Automation, and either Reputation Management or Social Calendar/Postings.

There is always a variation on this, but the number of 5 features never changes.

If you require more we can approach those needs and the additional costs of setup and implementation at that time.

What Are the Timeframes for Setup2024-04-15T10:51:30-07:00

The timeframes of the setup all depend on what you presently have for your website and the other marketing systems you have already in place. We would do an initial onboarding process, determining what exactly you want to put into place. Then we will ascertain what we can utilize to connect those to. And we will get you a time sequence from that point forward.

Generally speaking, we would want to get all five done in 4 week’s time. It all depends on what the workload with others may be and how accessible your current tools are to the Features we are offering.

What if I have more Additions During Setup?2024-04-15T10:56:59-07:00

As mentioned, there are only 5 features that are available for this limited-time offer. If you so wish to add more features, please discuss it with MMG on what exactly you would like to add.

The cost for each additional Feature varies, but you can expect to see a fee per Feature from $350-$1299.

How can I Add More Features after Setup?2024-04-15T11:00:35-07:00

Please, contact us for any changes you may want to make. There are several Features that can be changed up by the client once set up, others may need additional assistance to change it.

If you want Additional Features, to be newly set into your Marketing Mix, contact us and we will get you a quote for adding what you have in mind.

Is there Anything that is Incompatible to our Offer?2024-04-15T11:06:41-07:00

Yes, Generally speaking, anything of a website that has a closed connection (No API, No plugin access, No Zapier connection, or a Closed System). Specifically, Shopify, and other shopping cart systems (Etsy, Ebay, etc.)

The limitations of other online website builders can also throw up some barriers to integrating the Features we are offering to have a smooth adoption into the Marketing Mix you presently have.

Can I Turn Off a Feature?2024-04-15T11:08:17-07:00

Yes, again please consult with us at MMG so that we can do it without disrupting the other Features that you have active.

What is the Most Optimal to Have for This Offer?2024-04-15T11:16:14-07:00

The most optimal is to have nothing already set up. That we can start from the get-go using all the Features as they are would be best. However, in our economy, this is not the case for almost all our clients.

So, if you have been in business for any amount of time, have a WordPress-based website, with a robust hosting package (that offers email capabilities). Already having your social platforms set up and working is also optimal, along with your Google My Business claimed and functioning (where Google Reviews are placed). Any previous CRM files would be good, as well as your own sales collateral ready to be incorporated online.

Does this Offer Cost Involve the Leads and Emails as well?2024-04-15T11:20:47-07:00

No. It does not.

You can certainly add them for a limited time. They, standing alone can cost you up to $424. If you wish to add them all together, we can get them all to you for a mere $1100, with the monthly subscription remaining at $99 a month.

If I Want to get ALL the Features, How Much Would It Cost?2024-04-15T11:25:00-07:00

If you want to have all the Features we have available, Set Up, Connected and Running Smoothly would be quite an undertaking. It has been done several times before and for all of those we can get them done for you for $5999.

Pricey, but well worth the effort!

This is an Introductory Offer and no telling how long this will last!

It will only get more expensive for you IF you wait: 

Lost customers going to your competitors

Lost time in jimmy-rigging multiple tools

Lost income from not having this in place

Take the Opportunity Now & Get Started!

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