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Additional Resources and Tools

mysocialmediatogo SCINEXUS is where all the Social Tools (Services & Products) you need to have are housed. It is here that you can get your desired platforms set up with the right tools, strategies and tactics to make your Social Efforts a success. Look at the long list of items on the A La Carte Menu and choose the right ones for your Brand and Company, and where your Target Audience is and what they will respond to best. Click to Find Which Tools You Need.
 utahsocialhub DON’TSUCKATMARKETING is where it all happens to but your company’s Social Media Efforts into effect. We are dedicated to getting to all who want to know, and want to move their brand’s into the Marketing vehicles of Social to do it right, connect as deeply and to realize the goals and revenues that can come WHEN Social Strategies are done right. The Network and the Portal Site is designed to guide you through the myriad of objectives and tasks that need to be done so you can be successful. Click Here to find out how you can Do It Yourself, and find the Step-by-Step guidance in the Social World.
For businesses today there is a need for the additional resources that executives and owners can draw upon. Enable your business to connect with your target audience, actively using direct response marketing strategies. Put into place what works! that create rapid engagement, increased revenues and higher brand loyalty by purposeful design.

Take a moment and gain for your brand and it’s executive team the resources that will gain for you the goals you have set for your marketing, and bring them into reality with  SciNexus Strategies.


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What Makes a Lead, a QUALIFIED Lead?

The quick answer is it depends on what are the requirements of the company and what they allow as their acquisition limits i.e. price per lead, spend per customer, sales cycle, etc. KEY POINT: Your company needs to find out how to optimize best those you do business with, to find Your Ideal Customer
We pinpoint who your Target Audience  truly is through:
  • Company Baselines
  • Customer Profiling
  • The Overall Campaign Plan
Your System is only a few clicks away right now! Put it all into place here Find out how to drill down and capture who your Ideal Customer is and gain their hard-earned money for the answer you provide to them by filling out the Consult Request Form! 

You Don’t Just Have To Take Our Word For It!

We’ve added several

who are Happy & Successful to the list of those who are
gaining their ROI’s they have made in today’s Effective Marketing Methods.

“The process of getting a fully fledged Marketing Plan together for our eventual national launch from the very beginning with several players in the mix can seem like herding cats, but we got it done within our budgetary constraints and encompassing all that can be done to accomplish our revenues goals. Thanks for lending your Marketing experience to getting us going in the right direction. From California, I look forward to working with you bringing the plan into reality! “
Ernestine, ECREWS Enterprises
“I know I needed to revamp my branding and had been looking for someone to do that. I’m glad I was able to find you! Not only did we refresh our logo but we developed a fantastic customer generated referral system made up of showcasing the finished work with a welcomed BBQ Open House. I already have seen 4 new referrals from the first open house we held.”
Robert, R&A Builders
“We are going to conquer the world! And we have you to thank  for it! We needed a “blueprint” on how we can roll out our products, coaching systems and build a tribe that move mountains in their own circles of influence. It only took 2 meetings and we had a multi-million dollar Marketing Plan that we can now take to each city we choose and implement it. Versatile and impactful, that is what we wanted, and that is what you delivered. Thank you!”
Bonnie, Soul Purpose
“We have been successful with our sales force in getting internet building tools to those who come to our landing pages. But when we discussed on setting up a course to doing business on EBay with the books and tutorials and the upsell to the coaches we saw the additional income stream our company was looking for. The development of the series, the leads generation funnel and all the collateral that it required, and the training materials for our coaches was spot on. Just wanted to thank you and look forward to doing business with your company once again.”
Joseph, Internet Power Sellers

Our Happy Clients


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  • Inbound Sales in Increasing Numbers, NOT Struggling to Stay Afloat
  • Take Control of the Number of Sales Leads You Get Everyday
  • Grow the Quantity of Sales Leads Your Brand Generates
  • Increase the Quality of the Sales Leads Your Company Receives
  • Achieve Your Sales Revenues Goals that You Have Set for Business
  • Kick Your Marketing Efforts into High Gear Today

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