Traditional Marketing

FULL INTEGRATION of the better known methods of advertising and public relations; with all their tangents i.e. billboards, radio spots, newspapers article placement, etc. are also needed for Online Success.

How so? Depending upon the Customer Profile it can take quite a few sources to effectively expose your company’s wares to those you want to buy. Specialized and locality driven services or products benefit the most from this integration.

Traditional Methods

Although the market penetration isn’t was great as it once was, when you correctly and succinctly utilize those Marketing Methods under the “Traditional” umbrella you can further the positive buzz you are looking to create. Your online efforts can be enhanced with the right mixture of what your brand places on the traditional marketing channels.

These methods have been used for the last 100 years (or as they were invented). To get an advertisement out to those in the target area you contract with those organizations (channels, stations, papers and magazines) that produce and publish the content to the geographical areas or demographic populace. You can also do this on a larger area i.e. National Level with less effectiveness and more cost per placement.

  • Television – Once the leading way to get out the message of a brand, T.V. is still a force to be reckoned with even with the growing presence of the online viewing habits. Commercials written for the Target Audience can also double to use for your video marketing purposes.
  • Radio – Again once able to dictate coverage and pricing, this medium is hanging on via Talk Radio’s prowess with the older generations. Nearly non-existent for the younger crowd.
  • Newsprint – Both newspapers and magazines have suffered in the digital age and have been regulated to begging for scraps in their advertising dollars. Again effective for the Boomers, and not event thought of by the Millennials.
 These marketing mediums are products of a by gone era, that still have their effective points and exposures. Generally speaking those found here on the Traditional side of the Marketing aisles are for those who are from the Generation X age and older.

  • Direct Mailers – Whether it be a stand alone mailer (long form) or in a bundle of ads that are sent out through a service you can pinpoint the households that receive what you are offering. This allows you to target a specific geographical area where you think a majority would be your potential customers.
  • Billboards – Limited to those areas where they are allowed by local laws, the Billboards are a great way to announce en masse to that area what you have to offer. Available for mini seconds of viewing you can be effective with a singular message included.
  • Sponsored Events – Beyond the “Car Wash” opportunities, this method is a way to again target a specific area that would be attending the event. Concert, cause, or activity can all be effective if you are able to do it with a large enough presence to gain that notice.
 These methods are definitely Grass Roots caliber. Usually a on the ground, door to door scope of things these are used because of how cost effective they can be. However they have been used ad nauseum to such a point that they have lost much of that power of use.

  • Promotional Products – Pens, sticky notes, plaques and stress balls among many other items can be used to attempt the top-of-the-mind awareness. These can be used with the right audience to promote loyalty with your brand.
  • Flyers and Pamphlets – Generally used as an after the connection piece of marketing collateral, flyers and pamphlets are cheap and the per unit conversion are into the thousands per sale made.
  • Crowd Surveys and Polls – Considered old style even when old was in style this can be used for market research, generating traffic to other sources of your information.
 Whole industries have been set up around these Marketing activities. Many multiple millions have been made and transacted at trade show, expos and conferences. The ability of a company to find the ones specific to their products and services is paramount in the success (or failure) of these types of endeavors.

  • Trade Shows – Known more famously being held in Vegas or Atlantic City these trade shows are industry specific and can be very lucrative. However the cost of entry can be costly for those wanting to participate.
  • Area Expos – These events are used by local companies that are more often retail in their business model. Product heavy, these allow companies to solidify their local reputation of quality and consistency.
  • Association Conferences – More inclined to a B2B model, attendance and exposure in association conferences can build relationships that can result in contracts, and orders that keep the doors open.

Why Choose Us

  • Never snarky, always moving on what works for the clientele and how and in what they expect brands and companies to be in and be seen as.
  • Orchestration of the integration of the multiple components of the Digital, Social and Traditional strategies of Marketing for client companies.
  • Effective placement of your brand’s content into the mediums and vehicles most know as Traditional.
  • Measurement systems placed upon each Traditional Marketing Method to seek out effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Admirers and doers of great billboard campaigns… no really, done right and it can raise the bar for the content you have.

What Client’s Say

Putting into action the Marketing Plan in the community for the kids in that community was a feat in and of itself. Gaining the deeper connections with the local municipalities was great, planning and holding concert and events was phenomenal, but increasing the interest and enrollment was truly epic. We thank you for all you did!
Steve, The Music School
Starting out a completely new industry, as in mold detecting canines are in the Utah market was an easy task. Together we got out the word on how more beneficial it was over the previous technologies, and through on-the-ground marketing and a few public relations spots and we were off and running.
Arthur, Mold Dogs
Your vision for the unique products we brought to market, and establishing their individual identifications was no easy feat. With the several lines of products, we were able to crack the customers we wanted to have.
Lane, Health Products
The whole Marketing Plan, system and putting that plan into action was great to see for an old motorcycle grease monkey like me. The sponsorships, parties, and connections to television stations, and the radio personalities was not only fun, but brought in the business we needed.
Wayne, EagleRider SLC
Bringing to the public the additional innovations and treatments that are available worldwide is a new concept for Americans. Your plan of execution to getting out the word about Medical Vacations, procedures and treatments worked amazingly, thanks!
Justin, Chenero Medical Systems
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