Mobile the Wave of the Future

The drive to miniaturization and mobilization over the last 20 years has brought us to a point where we can now have a mini computer at our side 24/7. With the increase of bandwidth on all fronts (Wi Fi, Cell and Landlines) The ability to access the Internet and it’s many forms is nearly boundless. As phones are getting more interactive and inclusive of the everyday experience it is bound to take major steps in usage and adoption in all market demographics. Whether it me phone or tablets, it is the right move to have your brand developing, using and promoting your mobile capabilities.

Smartphones & Tablets

The early adoption has already happened. The time is now for businesses, organizations and anyone else who wants to build a long lasting brand to get both of their proverbial feet into the Mobile waters. You cannot stem the tide of innovation and technological progress and your company must adapt likewise or be left behind in its dust.

Whatever you do online, has to be responsive to every device it can be look upon. As a designer, for web sites you used to be checking just the browsers for compatibility. Now not only do you have to do that you also have to check it out on the phone, tablet, and the computer and sometimes even on a large screen television. The latest in web site programming HTML 5 and the miraculous WordPress themes being developed have answered the call for the Responsiveness needed and everything you do, is to have that in mind, can it be seen and what device:

Text messaging is probably something you have seen from those teenagers in your life, and to think that a strategy could involve a tactic centered around it. As you think of it, you as a business owner would see that the open rate for a text message is nearly 100%. And that nearly everyone out there with a smart phone has a delivery device at your disposal. What else each company has to take into account is that because of the personal nature of texting, it can easily turn its evil head against your brand if it is used unwisely. Have a component for your products or services, and however you get your content out to your public to have a Texting option. By doing so, you get their permission to utilize that in your additional touch points capabilities.


The mind of every business owner and corporate executive lights up when someone says “Mobile App”. Their preconceived notions and previous experience flashes in their minds on what that actually means. What a Mobile App can mean for any organization is the ability to be more frequently involved in the life of a customer than ever before. If developed and distributed properly your brand’s app can revolutionize your Lead Generation efforts. There are four kinds of apps you can have:

  • Simple – essentially a fancy way to getting people to your web site properties. Little else is available to offer your customer.
  • Informative – More able to get information to the user/customer. Resources, guides, maps, and inquiries are found on this level.
  • Interactive – This is the game, or the quiz or the customizable tables where timely information is given and received.
  • Experiential – All inclusive, change of perspective, effusive display of graphics and engagement. This one is rare and done right can bring in a great number of leads, sales, and bottom line dollars.

Why Choose MMG?

  • Takes the fuss out of what can be done when it comes to responsive tech on your branding properties.
  • Zero in on the three or four methods out of the thousands that an app can be used to connect with the desired clientele for maximum exposure, use and uploading.
  • Having the chops to bring that app to your consumer no matter the platform, Android, Apple or Blackberry.
  • Natural and spontaneous recommending of your app to their trusted circles is only a side effect, however blessed that is, it comes naturally.
  • Technical guidance in the myriad of options that can be included in your app and how that would best be adopted by your target audience.

What Client’s Say

Making everything we do responsive to those who are looking us up on their tablets and smartphones was a great move, thank you for your advice and direction on that.
Alan, MyFreeDebtEvaluation
Having the ability to offer to out customers better connections and service through an app on their smartphone is something that has revolutionized the way we do business and get contacted by our customers, thanks for walking us through the process
Lars, Green Tech Gauges
All I am is what I put into my speaking and coaching, and getting all of that so those who want it at their fingertips on their iPads was wonderful advice. Thanks for getting be connected to the App Builder that made this deeper solution happen!
John, Creative Solutions
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