The Best Use of Event Marketing

When you hold a seminar/demonstration on the Web for your info/product/service to familiarize those you target with what you have to offer can best be connected via email. Thus, best getting it in front of those who want to purchase and possess your intellectual or actual property for sale.

Event Marketing can span from the simplest gathering of a small number to the most elaborate with thousands participating. This Online Marketing strategy can be set up for replay on demand and can be housed on your site or on larger video/audio storage portals (Youtube for example).

Email Campaign Services

Although often used this tried and true strategy of event marketing with properly conducted Email Campaign has proven to be effective over and over again. As in all a company does, keeping their content production relevant to their thriving customer base, and timely with what’s happening in the marketplace the Event (Seminar and/or Webinar) and an ongoing email newsletter can produce a constant flow of sales leads both inbound and outbound. It is gaining the right combination of these that will continue to be a “can’t miss” event with even an email that consumers look forward to.

It’s all about content at this point. What are those things that create the buzz with those you serve? Whether its the seminar or the email newsletter detailing it you need to have with your company the information people want to have. What will keep them coming back, or bookmark the content? What would get them to recommend what I have to offer? What would be valuable enough that I can actually charge for? All these are question you need to ask when it comes to determining your topics covered.

  • Choose topics that catch the eye and relevant to those you are targeting.
  • Knowing who buys what you offer greatly assists determining the “what” you offer.
It’s all fine and dandy to get out something to the public about how much  you may know or have experience with a certain topic. But if it’s hard to understand, too much concept and not enough practicality then you we inevitably lose a lot of sales. Because the leads will not come in as they could if you were able to bring to the forefront the Ready-to-Use info as you should.

  • All recognize a sale pitch and are willing to listen if they can use it in their lives/businesses.
  • Juicy Morsels that can be used right out of the shoot to their benefit.
  • Balance of just giving enough to persuade to buy more not give away your “farm”.
We all know the feeling, and have at one time or another experienced it personally. When we have been engrossed with a story or information we have come across and were so invested in the STORY that we could not move away from the medium of delivery (book, radio or television) Storytelling give you the permission, if done right, to take the time to bring your clientele along for a easy to view message.

Additionally, ease of viewing also includes the colors and font sizes used, the communication vehicle utilized (PDF or otherwise) and the ease getting to that which tells the story they want to hear from you. By doing so, you increase the chances of those viewers becoming the leads you are looking for.

People like being guided along the process. Whether it’s a movie, a how to tutorial or a sales pitch. They want to be coming up with why not’s (and not having any success) rather for your company coming up with the why’s. Having a clear call to action in all you do, and put out into the public may sound simple but is rarely done properly. Get this wrong and you might as well call it a day and go home:

  • Clear communication of the NEXT in the whole process.
  • Concise invitations to participate further by giving info/buying the offer, etc.
  • Proper communication of what you or your company will do for them in the ‘NEXT’
  • Clear Navigational Streams to the Calls to Action.

Why Choose Us

  • Designing of the Event Marketing Process from the beginning scripts to the after-the-event measurements and logistics.
  • Services that actually work, without the worry of technical difficulties and the “let down” of half a presentation as a result of those glitches.
  • Heart of the Renegade willing to take on innovation and have it work for each desired end result for the company and its brand.
  • Avid fan of Dino, Frankie and even Sammy… but never, and I mean never of Joey!
  • Professional problem solvers who are undercover tech ninja’s on how to get things communicating as they should.

What Client’s Say

“The process of getting a fully fledged Marketing Plan together for our eventual national launch from the very beginning with several players in the mix can seem like herding cats, but we got it done within our budgetary constraints and encompassing all that can be done to accomplish our revenues goals. Thanks for lending your Marketing experience to getting us going in the right direction. From California, I look forward to working with you bringing the plan into reality! “
Ernestine, ECREWS Enterprises
“I know I needed to revamp my branding and had been looking for someone to do that. I’m glad I was able to find you! Not only did we refresh our logo but we developed a fantastic customer generated referral system made up of showcasing the finished work with a welcomed BBQ Open House. I already have seen 4 new referrals from the first open house we held.”
Robert, R&A Builders
“We are going to conquer the world! And we have you to thank  for it! We needed a “blueprint” on how we can roll out our products, coaching systems and build a tribe that move mountains in their own circles of influence. It only took 2 meetings and we had a multi-million dollar Marketing Plan that we can now take to each city we choose and implement it. Versatile and impactful, that is what we wanted, and that is what you delivered. Thank you!”
Bonnie, Soul Purpose
“We have been successful with our sales force in getting internet building tools to those who come to our landing pages. But when we discussed on setting up a course to doing business on EBay with the books and tutorials and the upsell to the coaches we saw the additional income stream our company was looking for. The development of the series, the leads generation funnel and all the collateral that it required, and the training materials for our coaches was spot on. Just wanted to thank you and look forward to doing business with your company once again.”
Joseph, Internet Power Sellers
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